We love Typography

I am loosing control of the amount of pages that feature my work, so I am going to stop mentioning them here. Anyway, apologies to any other website talking about my work again in the future and I not being mentioned here. Besides, there is no really way of knowing if anybody actually reads this cold and lonely news section, so it does not seem to be really important. Here it comes though, Sutturah featured in “we love typography”. I think I should thank Erin and Aoife for their sweet detail. You can check it here.
Sutturah seems to have awaken lot of interest in the type community. Right now I am fixing some of the glyphs and shortly I will bring it into cyrillic and maybe greek also. I am excited and nervous at the same time, I hope I will cover the expectations that a great foundry has put on it and on me. More news comming soon!