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My name is Octavio Pardo. I am a graphic designer specializing in type design. I believe in the power of ideas, and I always try to find the concept that is exactly right for that specific project. In 2010 I graduated with an MA in Type Design from the University of Reading. Since then I’ve worked with some of the best designers and studios in the world, like Tobias Frere-Jones, Jean François Porchez, Type-Together, Leftloft or Sharp Type. I’ve also worked as a consultant for Google and as a visiting professor at the University of Gjøvik, Norway; and in the UNAV in Pamplona.

Among others I have been recognized with

Typographica, Best of the Year
Certificate of Excellence in Type Design of the Type Directors Club in New York
Certiciate of Excellence in Communication by the Type Directos Club of New York
Granshan Award
Laus Awards
Communication Arts Type Competition
Tokyo TDC Prize Nominee Work
Clap Awards
CSS Design Award

Conferences and Workshops

4º CIT en Valencia 2010, el caso de la Linotype Devanagari, junto a Steve Ross
Escuela Navarra de Diseño 2012
Sevilla Tipo, 2012
5º CIT en Valencia 2012, Tipografía e Imagen Corporativa
Crafting Type, Edmonton 2012
Introduction to Type Design workshops, Kiev & Lvyv 2012
Type Design workshop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab 2013
Harrington College of Design, Chicago 2013
PNCA, Portland 2013
Google HQ, Palo Alto 2013
Reset C, Pamplona 2013
Entretipos, Barcelona 2013
Type Design Workshop, Singapore 2013
Type Design Workshop, Dublin 2013
Type Design Workshop, Harrington College of Design, Chicago 2013
Type Design Workshop, Boston 2013
Type Design Workshop, Hyper Island, Karlskrona (Sweden) 2014
Type Design Workshop, Chicago & Boston 2014
Type Design Workshop, Centennial College, Toronto 2014
6º CIT en Valencia 2014
Type Design Workshop, Madrid, 2014
TypoMad, Madrid, 2014
De.Sign, Prague, 2014
Type Design Workshop, Valencia 2015
Type Design Workshop, University of Gjovik, Noruega 2015
Design Fest, Guadalajara (Mexico), 2015
TypoMad, Madrid, 2015
Type Design Workshop, University of Gjøvik, Norway 2016
"Diálogos con la letra", Casa de la Cultura de Girona, 2016
Type Design Workshop, Centennial College, Toronto, 2016
Lecture in OCAD University with Aoife Mooney, Toronto, 2016
Course & Lecture at the UNAV, Design degree, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Pamplona 2016
Society of News Design, Madrid 2017
Type Design Workshop, workshop in the Col·legi de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya, Barcelona 2017

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