Adelle Cyrillic

Type design of the cyrillic alphabet for Adelle typeface by TypeTogether. Based in the work of Veronika Burian, José Scaglione and Alexandra Korolkova. Art direction by Veronika Burian Role: • Character Set Extension (Basic and extended Cyrillic) for the sans serif, Light-LightItalic-ExtraBold-ExtraBoldItalic • Character Set Extension (extended Cyrillic) for the serif light, LightItalic, ExtraBold, ExtraBoldItalic • Character Set Extension (Cyrillic) small caps sans & serif • Spacing & Kerning (Cyrillic) • Spacing & Kerning small caps (Greek)

Adelle is a TypeTogether trademark and ©2009 TypeTogether s.r.o.